Lisa Young

New member
Mar 1, 2018
Ventnor, NJ
ASHEVILLE, NC 4.28.21—It might be scaled back to 150 worshippers right now due to Covid, but that did not stop the 700-seat Central Peninsula Church in Foster City, CA to install a new d&b A-Series loudspeaker thanks to the efforts of PCD Audio/Video system integrators based in Santa Rosa.
The main performance criteria from Central Peninsula Church were increased intelligibility, fidelity and impact, along with greater gain before feedback and improved sightlines. The A-Series configuration chosen is in a vertical deployment underneath subs which was a critical decision as the church did not want to have anything on the ground or on the stage.
A-Series is the newest category of loudspeakers from d&b, the augmented array.  d&b A-Series addresses the needs of many mid-size applications where a point source solution may not give adequate coverage or SPL, and a line array may exceed architectural or budgetary constraints...

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