[FS] Big Carver amps FS

I have 2 PT1800's and 2 PT2400's that I want to sell.

These are not lightweight Carver's, weighing over 50 pounds each. They do however put out some good power.

The PT2400's are 2 x 1200 wpc at 4 ohm.
The PT1800's are 2 x 900 wpc at 4 ohm.

These guys are also dual mono designs. They have 2 locking IEC's per amp which is handy if you need to split up your load among several circuits. There are 2 input fuses, and dual PSU's. Dual everything....

There are some issues. One of the 1800's blows a fuse on one channel at power up. Not sure what is wrong with it.

One of the 2400's has a loose faceplate and wiggly volume pot. It still works fine. I haven't fixed it because it's a bear to tear it down too the point where you can tighten it up. And it's been working like this for over a decade now with no issues.

The other 2 amps work fine. All of them show many battle scars from decades of road abuse.

I don't need to sell them, but I want to lighten up my amp rack so If I can sell them, then great. I will make you a great deal of course.

PT1800 #1 (Works good) $200
PT1800 #2 (one bad channel) $100
PT2400 #1 (Works good) $300
PT2400 #2 (loose faceplate) $250

These PT2400's were considered an equal to the Crest 8001 back in the day. They are KILLER sub amps. They have lived in a shock rack for at least the last ten years and have been reliable as the day is long.

Shipping will be expensive and we can argue about who pays for what.

They will ship from 77845 in Texas, and I have a dock available if the purchaser prefers that. Local pick up is always an option, plus I tour all over Texas and Oklahoma so I might get close enough to deliver.

Thanks for looking and don't be afraid to shoot any offers!