Cannot log in

Bob Charest

Feb 20, 2015

While I was traveling (normally I'm in the US, went to Indonesia & Cambodia) I found I could no longer view Soundforums through Tapatalk. It informed that I was not logged in (I had chosen to be permanently logged in.) When I try to login, a message displays that "You are not logged in or you do not have permission to do this action." and asks if I've forgotten my password.

Once I got home, I logged in through the web from my desktop with no problems, which is how I was able to post this.

Can something be reset for me so I can resume my normal operations using my iPhone & Tapatalk?

Bob Charest
Hey Bob - due to various issues around Tapatalk stability, security, limited usage, and harm to users who choose not to use it, we've removed support from the forums. The recent Xenforo updates in beta make a much better mobile web experience.
Hi David,

Thanks for letting me know.

Best regards,
Bob Charest