DiGiCo S21?

Steve Ferreira

Jan 12, 2011
Toronto, Canada
Re: DiGiCo S21?

You cannot route the groups to the master buss, or even other groups...

If it's like the older D1's, you can only route a stereo group to the master buss. On our old D1 we used to run the matrices as our masters, just route the groups to that.
I have read somewhere that there is an update for the S21 coming out in January. We got rid of our D1 and now have an SD8 and SD9 in inventory. Great consoles, the SD lines doesn't have that issue of groups to master.

Adedamola Afuwape

New member
Jun 7, 2020
Good day
Is it possible to use both waves slot card and dante slot card simultaneously. Plus the DMI card for the inputs?
The DMI card gets in the main input
The waves slot card for plugins
The dante slot card for multi out to a yamaha console using dante protocol

Tim McCulloch

Graduate Student
Jan 11, 2011
Wichita KS USA
DiGiCo were formed in 2002 with the purchase of Soundtracs — a company founded in the early 1980s by a group of recording engineers wanting to develop a better studio console than what was currently available. guest survey surveyzop.com
And whilst they may have been recording folks, the desks that made it to the USA for live use, sucked. Majorly. The Soundtracs connection was the primary reason I avoided DigiCo for years.