DIY Horn loud speakers

johannes brinkmann

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Jan 17, 2021
I'm going to make a four way fully horn loaded system with field coil compression drivers. I wonder what kind of speakers to buy. I also wonder how I should power them.


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John Cooper

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Jan 21, 2021
New York
I like the Lowther Club of Norway website they used to have horns that looked like the bell of a tuba.
The wooden horns look very nice. Yours look like Victrola horns.
I wanted to try the Radiola style systems with up facing drivers feeding those wide flare conical horns.
The original Radiola horns had a weird impedance. like 75 ohms
The single driver websites usually feature labyrinth back loaded horns, with Fostex or Lowther speakers.

I don't know why you are interested in field coil drivers.

Ever since I took out some old style horns from a church basement, they were wood with a 6 inch cone driver in a box that fed the
round snail shell horn...
I have been interested in the original Western Electric Fibonacci snail shell looking horns.

What is the throat diameter of your horns?
The original diaphragm from a Victrola horn would have been 2 inches or so, full range, but that would have been only down to 500 Hz. You have woofers on the floor so that's the bass
Have you considered an Atlas dynamic fixed magnet driver from a 15 watt horn system?
The diaphragm is often phenolic... Electrovoice has public address drivers that go pretty low.
there are 2 per side. Is one Hi and the other Mid? Maybe a dome tweeter in the Hi and a compression driver in the Mid

And what to drive them with?
15 watts of TUBES!
How are you crossing all this over?