[FS] FS: BMS 4594 Coaxials, QTY 3

Chris Burns

Nov 13, 2016
I’ve got three BMS 4594 Coaxial Drivers, 8 ohm for sale.

These have been used very little, in home use only and never pushed. Always used with the OEM Passive crossovers.

Price is $1350 all three. Add 3% if using PP and actual shipping cost to you.

I am only selling to finally upgrade into the HE version.

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Bump, Price now 1275$ for all three.

If you need the Passive OEM Crossovers, I have them and can add them into the deal.

Also have three 18Sound XT1464 horns to go with these or three XR1464 aluminum horns (never used) to gk with these.

These are a perfect match for the PM60/PM90 designs by Peter Morris (see the DIY Section)

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