Michael John

Jun 25, 2011
Sydney, Australia
Room tuning using IIR filters commonly involves taking live, continuous measurements while adjusting processor settings. Alternatively, it can be an iterative process of measuring and filter adjustment.
When FIR-capable amplifiers & processors are involved, room tuning can be optimized further by using the same loudspeaker measurements to develop custom FIR filters, in addition to IIR processing. However, many processors don’t support FIR filtering, leaving IIR tuning as the only option.
This case study demonstrates how a system was tuned with only IIRs, using FIR Designer software. FIR Designer includes an ‘IIR Filters’ capability (with branded IIR filter emulation), making it a powerful and convenient tool for room tuning, automating much of the iterative process & vastly reducing the time that it takes to achieve an optimally tuned system.

An Australian church recently completed a major building renovation that...

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