Lighting fun

Scarlett Rose

New member
Sep 8, 2023
OK not trying to set an elaborate moving head LED show here LOL
Just having a little fall fun here. Im making a haunted graveyard on the front lawn for halloween for my 3yr old and the neighbor hood kids and I want to drag out a couple old par 56s outta the dust as creepy ground lighting. All are Wide Floods.
I have no controller or packs anymore, I may buy a couple dimmer switches at lowes wired on shop cords to dim them.
Anyway all I have left for gels are Red, Yellow, Green, Orange and maybe one Blue. What combos would make some cool creepy colors if I stack gels and mix colors.
Cant say Ive ever really stacked gels aside from a fleshtone and diffusion or something of that nature. Guessing your best bet is to dig that light out and start waving stuff in front until you find something you like. The brightness of the light will drop off significantly as you stack stuff so that might be a good thing for your project.
Thanks for the reply. Yea I brought my 3yr old down stairs and made it a fun project, we fired up a par can and stacked a bunch of gels till we found a cool dark/dim purple shade(like 5 gels stacked) and a sea sick green. 2 cans is all I need for a small graveyard bad the guy down the road has a 15ft tall skeleton......dont think my par 56s and Fogger can top that LOL.