[WTB] (MD) Audio things

Alright, I am looking for some smaller items that will help me with the rebuild. I am pretty set on Speakers and Console for this year.

Behringer/Midas X/M digital snake/stage box

Shure Beta58A
Shure SM 81 (or similar small/pencil condenser)
Shure SM91 or Beta91A
Radial DI’s: passive, active (will consider other quality DIs)

K&M 210/9 mic stands
K&M 259 (or similar)

XLR Cables: I’ve started buying EWI PSMN cables; but any quality cable with the Neutrik XX ends (I bought a box/bulk of the Colored rings)
Random adapter & y-cables

Siamese/Combo (Power & XLR) cables; 25’ & 50’

Any sort of Edison and PowerCon power cables.
PowerCon stage boxes

Power Distro based off the Cali Plug
Cali plug extension in 25’ & 50’

Misc Plugs: Neutrik XX Series, PowerCon, Edison

Email: [email protected]
I am located in Southern MD.
On the powercons - as they had that design change - the older blue/white ones are getting tricky to get in the UK. I've got loads of kit that use them and I tried to order another 20 and got a shock when my usual supplier declared them discontinued!
Yes - but I don't have any lights on the Tru One connectors but over 40 on blue and white power cons. Ive just bought loads from China, just in case.