MIDI on Yamaha QL5 - Recalling scenes with qLab higher than 127

Carl Young

New member
Jan 6, 2020

First post here...

Im just about to operate a show on a QL5 (theatre owned). The first time I will ever see or use this desk will be when I arrive at the theatre 24 hours before the show opens so i'm trying to get as much set up on QL5 Editor pre show.

However, I am setting up scenes to be recalled from qLab software, and because there seems to be no QL5 midi settings in the offline editor, I'm running into a snag.

I can set up qLab to send the program change command to recall the scenes (see attached), but on the QL5 I have set up the scenes as follows:

Act One:

Scenes 101 - 148

Act Two:

Scenes 201 - 236

Its fine if i want to recall scene 53 for example, I just send a program change to the QL5 asking for scene 52. And I'm guessing on site that will be fine.

However, I have no idea how to recall scene 219 for example, as i can only enter up to 127 in the program change field in qLab. Do I need to change the channel number to the next channel? so for scene 130 set it to CH2 and recall SCENE 02?

Does anyone have any experience in this, as I mentioned id like to get as much of the show pre programmed before getting to the theatre and if so what are the setting required in the QL5 that I need to change?




Brian Holder

Nov 24, 2012
It's straightforward. Channel 2 program 00 is scene 129
Channel 2 program 01 is scene 130
Channel 2 program 127 is scene 256
Channel 3 program 00 is scene 257
and so on until you run out of scenes. I have a simple table that makes looking up the program number quick and easy but the forum does't let me post it.