More sketchy BS

So I supported a Miss teen pageant this weekend (audio and decor /set lighting). I walked into the venue, looked up and saw this (see first photo). The controller and dimmers for said lighting was easily as old or older than me (44yrs) The board was located in a crows nest backstage where walkie talkie communication was required to control the front lighting). One dimmer powered stage right via stove plug, the other stage left via a newer installed stove plug. So the lighting was supplied via 2 x ~40 amp plugs for 6 lekos and 2 fresnels, a little over kill but at least they stayed on. They had a 2 x stove plug "adapter" box, so I grabbed the second stove plug outlet on the stage right feed for my audio and Led lighting (via a motion labs stinger). I was happy to sit back and change decor lighting via light jockey, and run mp3's. I'm going to contact the venue about my concerns about the dog chain (yes dog chain from ceiling, to breakable link, then some half decent chain (not grade 8 mind you) holding up thier tv antena truss and the use of 100ft yellow extension cords. Also might try to convince them to change their dimmer system, or to at least adapt it to be controlled via DMX, so they can bring the controller out to the front of house...


Mike Brown

Feb 7, 2012
Re: More sketchy BS

Hey, at least they have that heavy-duty cage around the ceiling fan so it doesn't fall on anybody....

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I thought, at this point, that cage is more there to spread the load of the falling ceiling fan evenly across multiple audience members..... for safety.