Fred Garrett

Feb 11, 2012
I have the Behringer version (Xair 18). I have used it for 2 seasons now. I have been very happy with it. I agree with the above post that the built in WiFi is not very good, and even a cheap ($50) external router gives much better results. If your act/event fits in the input/output limitations, it is a nice solution that is powerful, small. light, easy to protect against weather (Most of my work is outdoors) and very cost effective. The iPad app is very well designed and I actually prefer it to the X32 app (though the x32 app is not a bad app).

Sean Zurbrick

Jan 15, 2011
Columbus, OH
I have an XR18, which is really the same mixer as far as features go. I relegated it to backup duty when I got a Soundcraft Ui24R. I've never heard the MR18 but the Soundcraft sounds noticeably better than that XR18. Let's assume the MR18 and Ui24R have comparable sound quality. The Ui24R is a far and away a better mixer. For ~$100 more the extra capability really makes it a no-brainer.

- 4 more XLR inputs
- 2 more aux sends
- discrete track recording straight to thumb drive plus 2 track master
- web based mixing (no special app or software needed)
- subgroups that can also be routed as matrix
- feedback suppression on all outputs (works pretty well)
- usb music player
- ability to directly connect a touch screen (or regular screen and mouse) right to the mixer. This gives you a last ditch, but completely reliable interface if wifi just goes bonkers.
- De-esser on all channels

- 2.4 and 5 Ghz router (only can do one or the other though). It's significantly more reliable than the XR18 router, which I believe is the same one in the MR18. It's still not awesome, but OK for small venues

The only thing you're giving up is the large list of "plug ins" that the Behringer... um I mean Midas, mixer has. Other than the multi-band compressor, I never really used anything that the Soundcraft doesn't have.
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Charles Dunn

Feb 17, 2018
I just got a "refurbished" XR18 from Music Group and have a question. I was checking functionality with a pair of headphones and a 58, using an iPad to raise the gain one channel at a time while listening. With the channel fader at unity and the master at unity, I'd bring the gain up 30dB and have a strong signal peaking at 0dB on the channel and master meters with no audible noise. If I pulled the XLR from the mic input to test the next channel without muting, I get loud white noise on that channel until I mute it.
That's a new behavior to me and although something I'm not likely to do during performance, hard re-patches are not so uncommon that I wouldn't experience this in a hurry where I forget to mute a channel during set-up. Also wondered if the Dugan auto-mix settings on a re-initialized board may contribute to this, as I haven't gotten into how that's set-up.

Could another XR18 user test this behavior and report? Just wondering if this "refurb" is an anomaly or it's normal XR18 behavior out of the box...