Zoe Deighton Smythe

New member
Oct 4, 2021
Tunbridge Wells
Maidstone’s MuMu nightclub, known for its vibrant and energetic atmosphere, recently underwent a major refurbishment after a significant fire in 2021. The nightclub, which has been a popular destination for party-goers in the region, had to shut down for several months to carry out repairs and refurbishment. However, with the recent installation of a state-of-the-art Martin Audio stereo monitoring solution by Middlesex Sound and Lighting, the chic lounge and bar is now back and ready to deliver the ultimate night out.
The unique venue, which includes a traditional Irish pub, a speakeasy, a hidden laundromat room, an eatery and dining restaurant, a newly refurbished cabaret bar, and a basement club area, presented a challenging but exciting opportunity for the team at Middlesex Sound and Lighting who were tasked with bringing back the ‘wow factor.’
“The whole space is like a labyrinth!,” recalled Darrel Olivier, Director of Middlesex Sound and Lighting. “The main room is accessed...

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