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Glad it worked out.

I'm hijacking this thread.

My avatar is the work of a friend that does some interesting cartoon art. SARASOTA SLIM - guitar slinger singer songwriter When we stumbled on to a new blues festival in Jacksonville that had lifted the art from the web and changed it a little for their advertising it inspired us to contact them. We were hoping that they would give my friend the art credit - maybe a couple of dollars - maybe a couple of free passes for the festival - maybe something. They didn't do anything. They stole it. Here is image - Here is the offending festival - Amelia Island Blues Festival I'm just now noticing that they have yet another variation on the stolen art - The 2012 Festival has a new Blues Dog | Beer, Blues and BBQ | amelia island | blues festival | fernandina beach | florida The people in charge of this event ignored our phone calls and emails last year. Maybe some day this dog will bite them.
Hi guys, I recently got a call from a young fellow (younger than me and I'm 24) asking to rent a DJ system because he was double booked doing homecoming dances. I told him I'd get him a quote, and in the meantime I did some research on his "company."

I found out that he had stolen copy from my website and used it, word-for-word, on his own website without attribution or permission.

Since he's primarily an aspiring DJ and promoter, I extended an offer to him to partner up with me so he can throw bigger and better events without having to invest time or money to get to that point, and at the end of my email I reminded him that he had stolen from my website and I wasn't going to be able to deal with him in any capacity until he changed or removed the offending content.

He hasn't responded to my email (it's been 24 hours or so). According to one friend of mine in law school it's infringement, so he's definitely in the wrong. I sense, however, that if I start to get into issues of legality then this free article generator guy's dad will have a friend who is a lawyer etc. etc. etc.... Any advice on what to do next? Thanks.
I have an idea for copyright infringement. You should send a report to Google about his website. And tell Google that he is a spammer and a content thief. Let will see Google how to hit his website. Thanks

Copyright infringement is the use or production of copyright-protected material without the permission of the copyright holder. Copyright infringement means that the rights afforded to the copyright holder, such as the exclusive use of a work for a set period of time, are being breached by a third party. Image and text copyright are two common types of infringement. The moment you create an original image, whether it's a selfie or a majestic landscape, you automatically own the rights to that image.
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