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Apr 19, 2023
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Pros and Cons of the Audio Industry
Question: What can loudspeaker manufactures do for the wellness of its listeners
Answer: Provide 3d In Ear Laser scans at all trade shows and demo shows free of charge and sponsor an open online database so in ear custom protection can be made available cheap as chips and as disposable as a tissue. 
Lots of lonely travel
Only two billionaires (Amar and Ray) not allot of money
Not allot of benefits health or retirements wise
Health concerns on legs and hearing
Limited growth in technology 
Limited number of gigs (only one Super Bowl)
Tough competition above 5,000 seats, real cut throat
Not a forgiving industry, once you screw up, you screw up and its over “youll never work in this town again” is an understatement, hence the name one tour tony. 
Hi burnout rate, not many people with more than ten years experience and those with more than 40 years are dropping like fly’s sorry grandpa
You’ll spend most of ur time listening to bad audio rather...

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