QL5 Live vocal effects

Russ Ullrich

New member
Mar 22, 2023
New to the QL5 and digital boards. Long time analog user.

I've gotten the effects in the virtual rack. Effects work via Mix 13...

My question is how do you use them during live vocal performances?

If I only want effects on a track a a specific channel or more than one channel, how do you physically do it?

The old analog I could reach up and turn the Aux channels or master.

What am I missing?

Any tutorial vids out there?
Yamaha's manuals tend to be very comprehensive (to the point of being a bit intimidating to some) so if you have any patience at all, you'll be able to find it in there.

Their product page also has links to video tutorials: https://uk.yamaha.com/en/products/proaudio/mixers/ql_series/training.html#product-tabs

If it's anything like any other Yamaha I've used since the LS9, all you need to do is hit the "mix select" button for mix 13 (to the right of your main screen), and all your faders instantly switch to becoming the aux 13 knobs that you're used to from your analogue experience. Turn up whichever channels need the FX at any given time then de-select the mix to revert back to your main mix.

You will also be able to do it by selecting the mix on the touch screen and using the main "touch & turn" knob as your aux control.