QSC touchmix 16 no longer recording - help

Aaron Henning

New member
Jun 9, 2023
St. Louis
First of all - hello - first post here. I have a question about qsc toughmix 16. I bought an ssd drive (Samsung t7) that I have been using without issues to record multitrack performances for the past 9 months. But for the last 2 or 3 weeks - I have not been able to get the recording to start. I have formatted the drive to FAT 32 - and created a new session. Everything looks normal - but when I hit record - it just stays at zero. Nothing is being recorded. Any advice? Is there something I need to check on the touchmix? Or is it a broken ssd?
The easiest way to determine if the problem is with the Touchmix, the SSD, or the cable between the two, is to swap the SSD with a different drive (SSD, hard drive, or even a USB flash drive should be good enough for testing). This will allow you to determine if the problem follows the SSD, or stays with the Touchmix.