QSC touchmix 16 no longer recording - help

Aaron Henning

New member
Jun 9, 2023
St. Louis
First of all - hello - first post here. I have a question about qsc toughmix 16. I bought an ssd drive (Samsung t7) that I have been using without issues to record multitrack performances for the past 9 months. But for the last 2 or 3 weeks - I have not been able to get the recording to start. I have formatted the drive to FAT 32 - and created a new session. Everything looks normal - but when I hit record - it just stays at zero. Nothing is being recorded. Any advice? Is there something I need to check on the touchmix? Or is it a broken ssd?
The easiest way to determine if the problem is with the Touchmix, the SSD, or the cable between the two, is to swap the SSD with a different drive (SSD, hard drive, or even a USB flash drive should be good enough for testing). This will allow you to determine if the problem follows the SSD, or stays with the Touchmix.
I have the same exact problem. Same SSD for 2 years, never a trouble, and now doesn't want to record. The SSD run perfectly well on the computer. It is detected as I was able to re-format it. I tried another SDD that I could format, no problem, but that doesn't want to record either. I'll say the problem is with the Touchmix.
If you are using the FAT 32 format, might be running into it's limitations-FAT32 only supports individual files up to 4GB in size and volumes up to 2TB in size.