Margaret Sekelsky

New member
Oct 1, 2018
Marina del Rey, CA

Montréal, QC (September 19, 2023) — You might say sound is imprinted in Daniel Fontaine-Bégin’s DNA. From his earliest days tagging along with his father, a radio DJ, to his curent work on Canadian movies, and on Simon Poudrette’s sound team for Transformers: Rise of the Beasts, and  dozens of other television series and documentaries, the Canadian engineer has carved out an extraordinary career path capturing the sounds that help bring film and television programming to life.  Although he works mainly out of his home base of Montréal, Fontaine-Bégin’s projects have taken him to the United States, Mexico, France, Chile, parts of the Middle East and Southeast Asia—always with his remote rig in tow, which currently includes a host of Lectrosonics gear including...

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