Source Connect 3.8 Windows 10, Beeping/ SWARF on records

rachael zerafa

New member
Dec 8, 2021
After updating to Source Connect 3.8 and windows 10 after years of SC working perfectly on 32bit Windows 7, there is a beeping on the record track. This “beeping” could better be described as SWARF, inconstant and reactive to the amount of snaps or talking received by the Source Connect user .So we contact Source Elements directly and get to problem solving, initially they have us try a whole wack of things: port mapping (successful), ethernet connection (yes), DAW buffer (500 for Nuendo 10.3), changing Source Link plugin routing, changing playback engine, checking clocking source on our interface (completely fine), trying to record on differing bit rates/ resilience/ receiver buffers. Even trying our setup with Source-Nexus as they believe it is the Source Connect Link Plug-in that is the issue. They have now recommended switching to external routing, installing a new sound card, manually wiring it to our interface and using that as our input and outputs on Source Connect. That is not a practical option for the environment we are using to record. If anyone has any experiences/ solves/ advice please let us know. All is appreciated.