Margaret Sekelsky

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Oct 1, 2018
Marina del Rey, CA

Guildford, U.K.  (November 21, 2022) — Founded in 1964, Andertons Music Company has grown from a family-owned guitar shop on the southwestern outskirts of London to an online retail powerhouse whose name is recognized the world over. Their videos are legendary, approaching products with honesty and no small amount of humour, which has grown their YouTube channel to over 805,000 subscribers and millions of views. Third-generation CEO Lee Anderton knows this is a major reason they sell guitars, amps, keyboards, drums, recording gear, and pro audio equipment far beyond the borders of the U.K. He spoke to us about music, family business and the passion for products and retail.
“My father and grandfather started Andertons in 1964,” he beings. “So, I had been hanging around the store. I hadn’t found my instrument yet, but I caught this bug off the...

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