Zoe Deighton Smythe

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Oct 4, 2021
Tunbridge Wells
The Tsukuba Capio complex in Japan’s Tsukuba city, Ibaragi, incorporates indoor sports halls, theatres and meeting rooms, while Tsukuba itself is renowned for being a scientific city of the future city. Opened in July 1996, Capio Hall has provided an authentic atmosphere for theatre and dance, with its distinctive seat arrangement and high-quality stage facilities.
Capio Hall recently underwent a major sound system overhaul, and new rigs were introduced, including the new Martin Audio TORUS as the main PA.
Nobuhito Endo, technical manager of rental company Sigma Communications, who support the theatre, set out the reason for the upgrade and his choice of TORUS.
“Originally, the proscenium center loudspeakers were exposed, and a cluster of several point-source systems was flown from the grid. Naturally, we considered utilizing a line array replacement but found a problem. While the hall wasn’t very deep, the three-story horseshoe layout of the auditorium was vertically too great for...

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