Whats your favorite clearance sites

Ben Lawrence

Mar 2, 2011
I like to peruse some sites clearance sections looking for deals. What ones are good to scope out. Doesnt have to be strictly audio but thats mostly where I head. Couple of my favs are.
Audiopile Bargain Basement -Some crazy deals on here at times.
Parts Express- Can be some goodies if you dig around a lot of items.
MCM In One electronics - I guess they changed to Newark electronics. I usually use this one to filler my regular orders to free shipping. Cant even find the clearance page on the new site.
Monoprice- Occasionally hit this one up for some generic 1/8" connectors,TV mounts and such.
Eureka Tents-This site has some extreme deals on B stock tents if you are a camper.