Why are the x32 & M32 products only available at Sweetwater?

Ben Lawrence

Mar 2, 2011
Couple other dealers out there but not a lot of the usual suspects. I know the lack of support on the user end has been a big deal. Wondering if that just spilled out to the vendors not wanting to deal with it. Wondering if anyone has some insight on this. Definite bummer on this end as its become a format I know can be deployed with techs that know the OS, routing etc in and out. Im really holding out hope they regroup and get things together.
Didn't Uli decide to streamline the distribution network, and just go with Sweetwater, Thomann, and one or 2 others only?

A lot of people can't sell them anymore, Pretty sure it was a corp decision
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before/during COVID Music Tribe pull all distribution from the regional marketing reps and worked a deal with Sweetwater to become the Sole Supplier for the USA.
You're local store can still be a "dealer" for Midas/Behringer, but don't expect to get any good deals on them as they have to go through Sweetwater.
I think this got discussed over at ProsoundWeb: Behringer decided to scrap the whole independent dealer/factory rep model in the USA/Canada for a number of model lines and Sweetwater, Amazon, maybe one other big retailer got the direct line to Uli's order desk.

People are expensive once the market has reached saturation.