Zip Ties

John Roberts

Graduate Student
Jan 12, 2011
Re: Zip Ties

Standard Zip ties do not have great tensile strength. When I was developing a secure way to hold batteries in place in my drum tuner battery holder, despite UPS drop-kicking the packages, I found the cheap zip ties would shear from the force of even modest drops from the mass of even small batteries.

If they can't hold AA batteries I do not approve using them to hold speakers. :-(


Mark Cadwallader

Jan 17, 2013
Helena Montana USA
Re: Zip Ties

wonder why didn't they just hook it directly to the s-hooks using the holes in the bracket?
I assume that the S hooks and zip ties allow the speaker to be placed semi-randomly in the right general area of the fence with minimal effort in attachment. It looks like there are usually four S hooks used, but one is missing or got dropped. The zip ties are just there to provide an arc of attachment to a convenient place on the chain link fence. (Hey-I'm trying to give them the benefit of doubt...not that they deserve it.) Mark C.

Art Welter

Jan 11, 2011
Re: Zip Ties

A rep for Hellerman-Tynan said that ties loose water and weaken once exposed to the air - and that HT puts a little water in the bag when packing the ties so as to improve their shelf life.
Water makes the nylon more flexible but weaker.
Too much humidity at the time of manufacturing can weaken the nylon permanently.

Running polymers too hot also makes them more brittle, the adage "you get what you pay for" applies- cheap cable ties plastic may have been overheated and run into a very cold mold to save time.
The more parts made, the more $$ per hour, but the parts are weaker.
Some cable ties have been made so fast they can't be pulled tight without breaking, while properly made they can be quite difficult to break.


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