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are the UK DIY PM's still for sale and are they 60's or 90's & of course how much?
Josh Ellis
Hi, yes they are I have 2 unloaded ones for sale, I'm after £400. Very good builds.
Hello All - I have a new Mackie DL16s and am confused as to how to effectively use the Trim and Gain - having the biggest issue with acoustic guitar and lead vocals. Everything else is ok. if you are not familiar with Mackie Masterfader 5 which is also new to me. The challenge to me is the channel slider, master volume slider and then Gain and Trim.
Not professional, but I hope you all will let me stay. I have been mixing in a church since I was 17 or so, Finally have moved up to a Soundcraft Expression Si 3 Which is quite the rocket science. We are using a Multidigital card with USB out recording into Reaper on a windows PC. The Worship service is more like a Symphony than most churches I have seen. This can cause its own problems.
Rob: I just recommended you to a bride for a wedding gig (lav mic for a minister) on 11/3/18 at the Royal Senesta Hotel in Cambridge.
If you are unavailable, please recommend someone else.
Best, Mike Monte
Henry Gutierrrez
Hello, Mr. Uli Behringer, I am a Spanish musician who resides in the north of Poland, I am a client of yours, I have the Behringer FCA1616 card, and the wonderful Behringer DEEP MIND 12. For me after 40 years I have been in electronics is the best synthesizer that I have had, I come from Korg MS-20, Kawai SX-210, Roland JP 8000, Nord Lead 2, Yamaha RMx 1, Fizmo Ensoniq, long etc, but Deep Mind is superior to everythi
Hello Josh,
I have a couple of Crest 9001's on my shelf with obscure faults.
I talk to Peavey / Barnes & Mullen here in the UK.
They have provided me with the schematics but there does not appear to be a service manual or details of the wiring harnesses.
Also details of how all the protection / Autoramp / IGM would help.
Can you help?
Hi Claus,
I did the original drawings. The file is attached.
I had to add .PDF to DWG file since the forum would not allow me to upload it. Just remove the .PDF extension and it should work fine.
I believe it was Max that did an updated drawing with a slightly different design. You can find that link in the forum post.
Happy building!

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My Sennheizer Ew100 series wireless mic keeps turning off all by itself. The moment you speak into it it shuts of, but it will remain on as long as you do not speak into it. What could be the problem here? I live in Jamaica and it doesn't seem like we have a dealer here to service it, I usually send it to Florida for repairs (at a high cost) but I don't want to have to use that option if it is a program solution or other simple fix.
Hi Bennet. Hope you are well. Where can I get Frequency and Impedance response data for B&C speakers to load into Loudsoft design programs please?
Leslie van der Veen
South Africa
Hi Andy

I'm interested in the pair of BMS 4594HE,crossovers and the Horns. How much are you asking for those??

Andy Turner
Hi Mike.

Not sure I want to sell parts separately yet. Give me some time to think.

Hi Jack,
If my memory serves me I purchased the BMS 4594HE's from you through the group buy.
Looks like I'll be needing some replacement diaphragms for some of those, I had an "incident" at an event on the 4th that took mine out.
I was wondering what the availability and cost on replacements might be? These are the 16ohm model.
I plan on doing a damage assessment this weekend and getting a total on what all I need.

40+ years in Audio, Music and IT. Currently in sales and IT for Audio Supply, Inc. I play guitar and drums. Love home audio and automation too.