Apex Intelli-Series Processors Get Smaart

[ATTACH=CONFIG]195311.vB5-legacyid=3458[/ATTACH]Putnam, CT – April 2, 2012– Rational Acoustics is pleased to announce the integration of Smaart v.7 measurement data into the new Apex Intelli-Ware software control platform for the Intelli-X2 and the Intelli-Z² system management processors.

Intelli-Ware 1.4 offers integration of Smaart v.7 data via the Smaart v.7 API (application program interface) enabling transfer of measurement data from Smaart 7 to Intelli-Ware. Smaart’s transfer function and/or spectrum analyzer response can be seen as an underlay in all parametric EQ bode-plot and crossover windows. Virtually all of Smaart’s measurement control features including averaging, banding, delay location and measurement selection can be accessed directly from within Intelli-Ware, removing the need for switching from one application window to another when tuning a system. Smaart can run on the same PC as Intelli-Ware or on another PC on the same network.

“Apex has done an incredible job of integrating Smaart v.7 measurement data into their Intelli-Ware control software.” says Jamie Anderson, Rational Acoustics CEO. “The interface is fast, intuitive and beautifully designed. This is a powerful tool and a great time-saver for Intelli-series users.”

“In line with the continual development of Apex’s Intelli-series of system management processors (including the IX² and IZ² devices), we are very excited about the Smaart v7 integration in the new Intelli-Ware 1.4.” says Jeroen Sierjacobs, Marketing manager of APEX. “Intelli-Ware is a powerful control application but it is very easy to use.”

The Smaart v.7 API software development kit is distributed free-of-charge to manufacturers seeking the ability to integrate Smaart v.7 data into their own control interfaces. For more information about the API, please contact [email][email protected][/email].

Intelli-Ware is available to download free of charge at [url][/url]

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