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Indie Artists Deer Park Avenue Rely on Audix to Capture Their Truest Selves, In the Studio and Onstage

Indie Artists Deer Park Avenue Rely on Audix to Capture Their Truest Selves,  In the Studio and Onstage


Munich, Germany (September 28, 2023) Deer Park Avenue is not your typical rock band. Fronted by sisters Sarah Snyder on vocals and guitar and Steph Snyder on vocals and drums, these entrepreneurial artists have forged a truly singular sound that fuses soulful anthems, buzzing riffs, and what they like to call “ambient grunge.” The band’s meteoric rise has led to international tours and performances supporting iconic artists like Palaye Royal and Bebe Rexha, as well as TV appearances in the US and Europe. The Munich-based Snyder sisters are working on new music with Grammy-winning producer Reto Peter, using an arsenal of Audix microphones—including the A231, A131, PDX720 OM7, OM6, VX5, i5, and the Studio Elite 8 kit—to help them serve their musical muse in the studio and onstage.

Deer Park Avenue have partnered with Audix since their earliest days. “Audix has a huge amount of solid, amazing products,” says Sarah Snyder. “But what drew us to them was that their vision matched our vision. Their ethos matched our ethos. Their team were so supportive and so genuine that we feel like we are in good hands.”

Today, the band counts on Audix mics to capture both their studio recordings and electrifying live performances. Their latest EP, slated for release in November 2023, followed by a highly anticipated sophomore LP in June 2024, promises to showcase their dynamic, melodic, and hook-laden brand of rock. When they’re not tracking in the studio with Peter, they record supplemental parts in their home studio, using a minimalist recording rig built around Apple Logic, a USB interface, and their favorite Audix large-diaphragm condensers.

We have a small European flat with a very simple home studio setup,” Snyder explains. “We did a lot of percussion bits, backing vocals, and extra parts for the album here. I think our favorite studio condenser is the Audix A231. It is such a fun microphone to record with. Everything sounds good. You capture exactly what you’re hearing. We have the Audix A131 too, which we love.”

With a simple recording setup, Snyder says a versatile microphone is essential: “We got to a point where we were like, ‘What else can the A231 do?’ We just use it for everything. And we have the Audix PDX720 vocal mic now, so that’s going to start making some appearances as well.”

Onstage, Audix dynamic mics capture Deer Park Avenue’s swagger and subtlety. “We use Audix OM7s or OM6s; We’ve used the OMs for ages. They’re so good for a loud band,” says Snyder. “We really love the VX5 as well. For our acoustic stuff we’ll use that because it captures so much of the intimacy and the nuance. For the more intimate acoustic shows, those are perfect. And then for the drums, you’ve got the Studio Elite 8 8-piece mic kit; the SCX-25As are ridiculously good. And I’ve always used the i5 on my cabs.”

The synergy between Deer Park Avenue and Audix might best be captured in the band’s lush, layered interpretation of The Cranberries’ 1992 smash “Dreams,” recorded and filmed at the Munich Sessions in collaboration with the microphone company.

“For us, this was a really meaningful project because we had just come out of a difficult time,” says Snyder. We recorded our album in two parts. The whole album was about a trial by fire; we went through our own trial by fire in the middle of the project, and we weren’t sure we were going to finish it. This was the first release that we had to come back to the music scene and get back to being in people’s feeds again and in people’s lives again.”

In the end, for Deer Park Avenue, performing music is all about connecting with fans, and serving the song, with Audix mics capturing the essence of it all. “The song is the boss. You’re going to go out there and give the song what it needs and present it in the best way possible so that people can hopefully connect with it, enjoy it, think about it, maybe even be disturbed by it,” says Snyder. “That’s what art does. It makes you dig a little deeper and think a little harder.”

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