You gotta have Heart

You gotta have heart

You gotta have heart to be in this industry. Those words have never been truer as iv lost allot of heart and care for what used to be my beloved audio industry. I didnt say production industry, I didn’t say the installation industry I said the audio industry and only some will understand what I mean. 

So the words you gotta have heart rang in my ear as I heard on a trade show floor at Music MESSE 2005 or was it 2006. Doesn’t matter. It was still fresh in my career. At the time I was demoing a digital console from EAW that was well, having a bad day using 220 volt for the first time on a 48v power supply. Next door Midas had its XL8 with Big Mick and rumored Media Matrix, under core. At 24 I was a little impressionable back then and was fresh from healing from the end of Showco and my internship that never happened. Turns out my Oklahoma grandmother was right, “never cross the mason”.  

One truely does have to have heart, I was had heart and even was blemish free until others introduced environments to me that well, I just wasn’t familiar with. Sadly the industry is losing members faster than they are being replaced and im not sure what to make of that. 

In some organizations people do care and do have heart for their fellow employees, at other companies, not so much and everyone is just as happy. My heart used to be in audio, actual audio. Not marketing, sales and personal relationships building and managing ego, but rather audio being, what’s this sound like, what’s it used for, how did this work, was this fun, can we do this better. Can we be honest about the objectionable and subjectionable measurements and experiences.  

My biggest heart was on the football field with a horn in which case I became all to familiar with stadiums. How in zuesses but hole can I continue working on stadiums when no one even cares about basic speech intelligibility and those that do either fudge the numbers, stick their thumbs on the scale, tell others to shut up and leave the job site, make fun of those actually doing their job making real acoustical measurements or worse dont even know what im talking about. 

So for those that do still have heart it what ever part of the audio world you belong in I recommend to enjoy it and protect it. Else someone else will be cleaning feeder cable and youll certainly miss the days when the trucks where always late and the coffee was always cold, thats rock n roll. 

As I regrettably say goodbye to parts of audio that didnt work in which my heart used to be in I look forward to finding new direction to place a heart worth investing in and if I find it again, lets just say ill protect it a little better from others including my self. 

I must say apologies to those that dont know me from before. Hello, my name is josh, I like audio and talking about audio. Previously I wrote and submitted a poorly written article in which case I (in my opinion) gave the farm away and others thought it was literally artificially written. Well I must say I dont edit, and dont care thats the way it is and always has been. If I had a budget or reason id hire a copywriter to spell check but I dont and dont care, so there. However thanks to those three folks that read my short all ur tours/base belong to us. Not joking the LEQ measure concept is not only a concept but a solid business case in a Milli Vanili Live Sound world. 

Happy saint Patricks Day-