[ATTACH=CONFIG]200513.vB5-legacyid=12307[/ATTACH]MARCOUSSIS, France – April 2015 — In 2004, L-Acoustics released Soundvision, the first 3D sound system design program capable of operating in real time. Rapidly adopted by sound designers around the globe, L-Acoustics has since stayed committed to keeping Soundvision up to date with users’ needs and compatible with current software and hardware platforms.

Today, the company announces the release of Soundvision 3.0, fully re-designed on a new architectural platform and up to 40 times faster when calculating the most complex files. The new release is fully compatible with the most recent graphic cards and with PC operating systems from Windows Vista and above and will be available as a free download.

While Soundvision’s code has been fully renewed, the user interface has been kept identical to previous versions so that current users will be able to apply the updated software instantly. The updated version is also retro-compatible, meaning all files from preceding versions of the software can benefit from the upgrades in Soundvision 3.0.

“Over the years, Soundvision has become an essential tool for touring engineers and system integrators,” explains Stéphane Ecalle, director of marketing at L-Acoustics. “This re-design was a crucial step for us to be able to continue to be ambitious, and now we have a robust platform that can grow with our clients’ needs.”

Soundvision 3.0 will be available online at the opening of Prolight + Sound on April 15th at [url]www.l-acoustics.com/soundvision[/url].

About L-Acoustics
Founded in 1984 near Paris, France, L-Acoustics is a leading manufacturer of turnkey solutions for the professional sound industry. With 250 team members, 20 percent of whom are dedicated to R&D, L-Acoustics is present in over 75 countries either through subsidiaries or via a network of certified distributors or providers.

Recognized throughout the industry for pioneering the modern line array, L-Acoustics offers a total system approach for both the touring and fixed installation markets, and a product line responding to the needs of venues from the most intimate club to the grandest arena. L-Acoustics sound systems can be heard in places like the Hollywood Bowl, the NBA Houston Rockets Toyota Center, or the Philharmonie de Paris. L-Acoustics solutions have been used at five of the world’s ten top-grossing festivals*, the London and Sochi Olympics, and on the Justin Timberlake 20/20 Experience World Tour, among others.