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Bury Tomorrow Tour With Allen & Heath dLive and SQ Systems

British metalcore band Bury Tomorrow recently concluded a UK and European tour in support of their sixth studio album, Cannibal.

Throughout the extensive tour, the band’s front of house engineer Dave Billings and monitor engineer Chris Cole relied on Allen & Heath dLive and SQ digital mixing systems.

Billings’ utilizes a dLive C2500 control surface at front of house, harnessed to a 128 channel dLive CDM48 MixRack, with an SQ-5 48 channel/36 bus digital mixer at the monitor position

Photo: John Gyllhamn

“The dLive is the “boss” of the MixRack,” Billings explains, “it takes the main gigaACE network out and the SQ-5 connects to the desk using an extra gigaACE card. In order for both desks to speak to the same channels I use the dLive’s I/O to ‘soft patch’ the SQ-5. It makes it very easy to add or remove channels from a previous tour etc. Everything talks over data cables, and we have the choice to share gain between both desks or have control at both ends.”

Photo: John Gyllhamn

The dLive C2500 is a compact control Surface, featuring 20 faders over 6 layers, and the connected CDM48 MixRack houses 48 mic/line inputs, 24 line outputs and a 128 channel I/O port which Billings used for the gigaACE card. The SQ-5 at monitors, capable of 12 stereo mixes for IEMs, is built on the same XCVI 96kHz FPGA processing engine as the dLive platform and, with its integrated SLink port, can easily connect to dLive and Avantis platforms.

“The Allen & Heath systems are brilliant in the way they allow you to set the surfaces up however you want” says Billings. “I’ve organised the SQ-5 so bands can use it without any issues, even without a member of crew to help, if need be. And the built-in effects are fantastic, the Dyn8 [multiband processor] is a particular favourite and I use it for controlling bus groups and setting up a multiband over the L/R outputs too. It’s a wonderful set-up.”

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