Mike Belitz, CEO and President of ULTIMATE SUPPORT Acquires Radial Engineering Ltd.

[ATTACH=JSON]208387.vB5-nodeid=208387[/ATTACH]Anaheim CA, NAMM, January 25 2018- Mike Belitz, President and CEO of Ultimate Support Systems, has acquired Radial Engineering Ltd.

Established in 1991, Radial Engineering Ltd. was originally developed as a range of cable products by outgoing President and CEO, Peter Janis. The release of their first direct box in 1996, the Radial JDI, was just the beginning in a long line of innovations that saw Radial become the leading name in premium direct boxes and audio solutions. In the intervening years, the Radial brand family and distribution network has grown to include a diverse catalog of brands, including: Primacoustic, Tonebone, Reamp, Hafler, Dynaco, Iso-Max and Jensen Transformers Inc. Ultimate Support and Radial Engineering Ltd. will enjoy shared strategic and logistical advantages under leadership of Mike Belitz; with the end result of wider availability to retailers, distributors, and end-users all over the world.

“I have always been passionate about premium accessories in the music industry. Instruments come in and out of fashion, but musicians and audio professionals will always need well designed, high quality solutions. Ownership of Ultimate Support Systems and Radial Engineering Ltd. will offer incredible possibilities for the future.” – Mike Belitz, President and CEO of Ultimate Support Systems and Radial Engineering Ltd.

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About Ultimate Support Systems, Inc
Since its inception in 1977, Ultimate Support has become the premium accessory choice of pros, dealers, and end users alike. Ultimate Support is defined by innovative designs and strong products; accompanied by superior customer support. Ultimate Support strives to meet the needs of working creative professionals across multiple disciplines and industries.

About Radial Engineering Ltd.
Radial Engineering Ltd. is a manufacturer of professional audio products based in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada. The company offers a wide array of products that are sold under brand names such as Radial, Tonebone, Primacoustic, Reamp, Hafler, Dynaco and Jensen Transformers Inc. These are offered through a network of dealers and distributors that span the globe. Quality construction, exceptional audio performance and superb customer service are the underpins that have served to make Radial one of the most respected and trusted brands in the industry.