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New FIR Designer M from Eclipse Audio Enables Creation of Powerful Multi-way Loudspeaker Presets

Loudspeaker manufacturers, system installers & DIYers are increasingly developing custom FIR filters for DSP-driven loudspeakers due to the incredible flexibility FIR filtering provides in loudspeaker design & tuning, and the advantages that FIR offers for system integration.

Eclipse Audio’s FIR Designer software products can be used to create customized, powerful FIR and mixed FIR & IIR processing solutions that leverage both the efficiency of IIR filtering and the arbitrary response capabilities of FIR filtering. The products are ideal for creating loudspeaker tunings/presets with specific magnitude and phase characteristics, for matching different makes & models of loudspeakers in install systems & for performing system/room correction.

The latest addition to the Eclipse Audio product range – FIR Designer M – enables fast creation of complete loudspeaker presets for multi-way loudspeakers. It utilizes the same easy-to-follow workflow that made the original (single-channel) FIR Designer popular, but provides up to 6-way, simultaneous filter design. FIR filters & complete mixed FIR + IIR filter loudspeaker presets can be created for single & multi-way loudspeakers using multi-way loudspeaker driver measurements. The combined frequency response and time/frequency (wavelet) behavior can also be simulated.

FIR Designer M includes enhanced compatibility options for filter/preset export to Lake Processing, Powersoft & Linea Research, while still providing multiple export file format options for other FIR-capable processor & amplifier brands. Loudspeaker measurements in a wide variety of formats can be imported and automatically resampled to the filter design sample rate. A customizable measurement averaging function can optionally be used for spatial or level averaging to create more accurate, relevant measurements for the filter design workflow.

FIR Designer M is available for macOS & Windows, and free demo versions can be downloaded for experimentation. Compare the features of all Eclipse Audio products at