“It’s Audiophile technology” – orchestral recordist Mark Lemaire swears by JoeCo’s BLUEBOX

San Francisco, US – January 2018… As a musician and classical sound engineer, Mark Lemaire is a master at recognising high-quality audio technology, and with a number of high profile orchestral projects in the pipeline, ensuring that there are no setbacks on show night is crucial. JoeCo’s BLUEBOX BBWR08MP interface recorder provides this peace of mind. In Lemaire’s own words: “You just can’t screw anything up”.

Lemaire has been a musician since childhood, playing guitar and singing in bands throughout his youth. He was first propelled into the world of sound engineering in the 1980s when he helped record at a studio alongside Rolling Stones producer Jimmy Miller. Through this he gained in-depth industry knowledge, eventually transitioning from rock ‘n’ roll recording to orchestral and starting his own company, Rubato Recording.

It was this transition that compelled Lemaire to rethink his rig. No longer did he have the freedom and space that the studio affords and he needed something compact and robust: “I started working in classical where the method of working is to bring your equipment to the venue. There are studios that can fit whole orchestras, but they tend to be big and expensive. So suddenly we had to have equipment that was portable enough to bring in.”

When Lemaire purchased a BLUEBOX, it resolved a number of previous issues. “What I’ve learned is that this piece of equipment is not only smaller, but sounds better,” he says. “The sound quality is an improvement over the system that I had before which was larger.”

“For an orchestral recording, there’s no time for troubleshooting. The JoeCo is mission critical. If you’re recording a live event – particularly in the classical genre, then you will lose your job if you tell them something’s gone wrong and they have to start again. The BLUEBOX really shines with this as it will not fail.”

As a musician, Lemaire has also benefitted from BLUEBOX’s near zero latency: “JoeCo has designed software that allows me to use my computer without any latency, so that’s a big plus. It allows me to monitor what I’m singing along with.”

In the high-pressure and oftentimes challenging world of live recording, JoeCo’s BLUEBOX thrives. Lemaire is currently working on a recording with The Santa Rose Symphony and The California Bach Society, for both of which he has used his BLUEBOX. Visit Mark Lemaire’s website to find out more: For more information on JoeCo’s BLUEBOX visit


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