A way of working with Smaart V8 FIR Designer M and the Lake interface/Lab Gruppen hardware

Here is a way of working with the FIR DESIGNER M DTP (direct to processor) function. I’m still learning how to work with the various software packages in the screen captures so if i’m wrong about something: sorry 

Also the speaker used will be tuned using 1 mic position which is not a way of working i would recommend.

Using multiple mic position is the way to go but for these screen captures I choose 1 mic position just to show how you might use the possibilities of a combination of Smaart V8, FIR Designer M and the Lake/Labgruppen interface – hardware.

First setting up FIR DESIGNER M dtp and the LAKE interface

Capture traces with Smaart V8

EQ and Phase corrections on output 3: high

EQ and Phase corrections on output 2: Mid + final phase alignment

I’ll probably be adding some more stuff to this post but for now