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    Tuki covers for EAW KF650

    I've been known to "borrow" one of the downdraft paintbooths at a GM dealer I used to work for......l Chris.
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    Lectrosonics SMV Troubles

    Is it possible you are too close to the transmitter, and the receiver is being overloaded ? You have called Lectro Technical support, right ? Chris.
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    5-way stereo crossover - HELP.

    Carl, I might suggest input to the first unit. Low 25-60 Mid 60-120 High 120 + Output of High goes to input of unit 2. Low 120 - 650 Mid 650 - 7K High 7K + Ditch the y-cord. I still have my doubts about auto-eq over 2 units. last century I added a bunch of double 18's to an 8 box MT-4 rig...
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    5-way stereo crossover - HELP.

    Curious. Each DriveRack PA is a 3-way crossover. Are you going to cascade them to get your 5-way system? Are you planning on infra subs, and sizzle boxes ? What are your crossover points ? Yes, auto-EQ between 2 units may be... ah... interesting, if not impossible. If you're doing live bands, I...
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    Filtering noise with two mics?

    I seem to remember reading somewhere that they were on a hunt for matched pairs of microphones. You're not getting that with any kind of conventional SR offering. Especially in the 70's. Of course, the better the match, the better the rejection. Chris.
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    Filtering noise with two mics?

    I thought they were either B&K or Neuman mics. SDC if I remember. Chris.
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    Filtering noise with two mics?

    Just like The Grateful Dead did for years. 2 identical mics, wired out of phase, to the same input on the board. Hold the mic's fairly close to each other, but speak DIRECTLY in to one. The "common" noises will cancel out, and leave the voice. Depending on the mic, you will have to play with...
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    Lab Gruppen IPD series loadlibrary speaker presets

    Wow. I doubt you'll get the recipe for the "Secret Sauce", although it would be very enlightening..... Chris.
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    Soundcraft si expression, unknown error sound

    Sounds like a routing problem. I think you have an output feeding an input somewhere. Chris.
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    Powering my gear with a generator.

    Thinking out loud here.... Just over 7K for your gear. What does the stage do ? Future growth ? Lampies ? If power is low for you, it's likely low for everyone. What good is a "working PA" if nothing else can run ? Rent a 25K WhisperWatt, and be the hero that saves the show. Music is dynamic...
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    Sennheiser ew100 g3 hh wont power up

    Sounds like a frayed wire fairly close to the battery terminals. You're shorting out the battery. Chris.
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    Recommend me a midrange driver

    Ya, that 10dB difference can be a bitch........:cool: Chris.
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    Some questions about local live performances

    4 suggestion off the top of my head.... Leave 1/2 the subs at the shop. LISTEN to a song or 3 from the group the band is covering. Leave your 20 year old alcohol soaked ears at home. Have a huge music collection for reference on what a song SHOULD sound like. Chris.
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    QRX212 distortion

    Hi Hi Rob. I've been using big horns for years. (2441's & 2445's anyone?) Never had one work it's way loose. I would speculate it wasn't quite tight enough when it left the Mother Ship. I'd replace any gaskets, and snug it up properly. For giggles, have a look at one of your other boxes. I...
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    [WTB] Peavey SA-1

    Long story short, I need one. SA-3 will do, SA-1 has been out of production for many years. (SA-2 is too small.) In Canada would be nice, Ship to Montreal Canada would be terrific. Check your junk drawers, I just need the socket itself. I can deal with the hardware. Got an old Peavey (stick...