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    Re: X-Air Thanks Sean, Thought I'd add info on the "rather uninformative" error message: Here's the only (4) lines from the event log that it throws (every time I try to launch it, I also tried re-downloading the program 4 different times): ---- 3/4/15 6:18:04.276 PM...
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    Presonus StudioLive RM Mixer Discussion

    I hope to start a discussion on the RM series, that possibly might avoid getting bogged down in a 96K vs. 48K rabbit trail, quite like this one...
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    Roland O.R.C.H.A Console (M-5000) discussion

    Looks interesting, 128 flexible inputs or outputs (you choose), 2 card slots (madi, waves, dante...), ipad/windows pc apps/software, works with existing reac snakeheads & M-48's. Great to see some nice DCA "spill" features and custom layers. Proposed ship is Feb, 2015. Even has a nice ipad...
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    X32 Discussion

    Re: X32 Discussion Congratulations all, I hope we can also hear soon from some of the Behringer folks about the journey and perhaps any new information (Especially about the new shielded ethernet cable they are planning on releasing soon for the AES-50 port?) May I please ask which of the...
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    X32 Discussion

    Re: new ipad app version pictures? I was snooping around over at the "SAC Talk" forum, and found these pictures of the new x32 ipad app that is due out "soon"... Just can't figure out how I missed them if they were posted here... Nice to see lots of new cool stuff (like mutes!)
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    X32 / Core: Dream setup

    How about this for a "Dream setup", using the X32 and the new Core's... If the core's are allowed to be able to copy mixes or channel settings from other consoles in the system (over the network), and also given the ability to link the mutes with other consoles (like the FOH console), we could...
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    X32 Discussion

    Re: Transfer Function and p16-m labels Oh yeah, check out the latest version for studiolive, it is very well integrated, has a special helper built delays with a reference mic and also has a smaart spectrum mode availible for each channel in the software. On the labels for the p16-m, I sure...