Industry standard outdoor architectural lights

Ben Lawrence

Mar 2, 2011
Looking for some info on what the industry standard brands are for architectural install led wash lights. Able to accept dmx signal and beefy enough to run all year. We have some seasonal temprorary install stuff but the client is curious about having a permanent install. Want to just do a little research into the subject. I see ETC has some fixtures but wanted to know who else is out there.
I was looking for good light for my holiday. Thanks for the tip about Color Kinetics; even now, that advice is very important. I want to do a beautiful light show, but I don't know how to do it or who to order it from. Can you advise me of a good company for such a task? I was advised to order wedding lighting hire service from OTE. I liked their website, and they provide almost all services for the celebration, but I want to see more service options. I want to make this celebration the most memorable. It is very important to me.
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Do you only need to know about kitchen lamps? I have never used LEDs in my kitchen, but I have them in my yard. They light up the yard at night.
Hmm, I remember only Vont from the manufacturing companies. I like their LED lights. There's one in my yard standing by the flagpole. I installed two in the outdoor toilet in a country house. There are a couple more in my garage and in the yard near the garage. Useful things. They shine beyond 100 feet. Because of this, I even bought a headlamp from this company. We recently went on vacation with friends, where we wanted to go diving. And everyone needed a good outfit. I wanted to buy a headlamp. I ordered one on Amazon and also from Mont. Like this
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