Bringing the Manzi’s spirit to Soho, with the help of Martin Audio’s ultra-compact CDD

Manzi’s, a landmark fish restaurant in London’s West End that originally closed in 2006, has been resurrected by The Wolseley Hospitality Group in the heart of Soho. Inspired by its legacy, the upmarket brand joined the group’s estate and opened its doors at the end of June.

To enhance the atmosphere, the operators enlisted the expertise of their regular supplier, Marquee AV, to provide an advanced music system capable of delivering DJ levels within a two-story restaurant environment.

Project Director Stacey Tough chose Martin Audio’s highly popular CDD range for this project. Opting for the ultra-compact CDD5, the smallest in the range, Tough knew it would meet the key criteria. The white versions seamlessly blend into the general designer’s aesthetic, and they deliver the required levels at both the top and lower ends of the spectrum.

To fulfill the purpose, 28 wall-mounted CDD5WTX-WR speakers have been strategically placed throughout the venue. These speakers are fed from various sources, including PC, background music player, and DJ.

Designed specifically for discreet architectural installation in luxurious bars and restaurants, the CDD5 utilizes coaxial differential dispersion (CDD) technology, ensuring deceptively high output from such a small enclosure.

Tough considered other factors such as value-for-money, clarity, intelligibility, and a consistent coverage pattern. He remarked, “The CDD5 was a clear choice based on previous experience using this product. The client trusted our abilities, and there was an obvious understanding of the standard we needed to meet. Having worked with the client previously, I knew precisely what was needed.”

In summary, the Marquee AV Project Director confirms, “The sound system delivers excellent quality audio while remaining discreet and matching the interior of the restaurant.”

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