Reclaim Audio launches brand new website

Reclaim Audio, a pioneer in socially conscious loudspeaker manufacturing, has officially launched its new website. The new site highlights the concept behind Reclaim Audio while also providing a platform for the world to meet its award-winning product range.

The website explains Reclaim Audio’s two-pronged approach to creating environmentally friendly loudspeakers. First, we have partnered with a string of talented craftspeople and responsible local businesses to ensure that every loudspeaker component comes from within a 200-mile radius of the factory. The innovative “Where Is Your Loudspeaker From?” section on the website highlights the local businesses within a 200-mile radius, each contributing to the eco-friendly creation of the loudspeakers.

Secondly, where we can, we use materials that are destined for landfill, scrap or incineration. The loudspeaker housings are reclaimed wood from film and TV sets, museum exhibits, and live events, ensuring a new life for the wood as a loudspeaker cabinet. This process meets the highest audio standards while championing environmental responsibility. The bracketry that will attach the loudspeakers to the wall are made from offcuts destined for the scrapheap. The wadding we use inside our point source loudspeakers is also recycled, having formerly been exhibition carpets and even the packaging that they are sent out in is end of life fibres that have been turned into compostable packing material as they can’t be recycled any more.

The new site also features a dedicated product page for each of the three point source loudspeakers that the company has launched with: the double 5” full range RA215, a single 8” full range RA108 and single 12” RA112S sub for low frequency extension as well as our award winning GreenWaves GW4K solar powered amplifier.

There is also a section to keep up to date with the latest news and thoughts from Reclaim Audio. You can also use this section to find out the shows where we will be displaying our sustainably sourced and environmentally responsible products.

“Our new website encapsulates our commitment to sonic excellence intertwined with social responsibility,” states Reclaim Audio Founder, Andrew Bishop. “We invite you to join us on this journey, dig into the stories behind our loudspeakers, and be part of a community that cherishes sustainability without cutting corners on sound quality.”

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