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Blaze Audio Debuts the PowerZone Series of Power Amplifiers

Greensboro, NC – June 2022… Blaze Audio, a manufacturer of professional solutions for commercial audio applications and a subsidiary of Pascal A/S of Copenhagen, Denmark, is pleased to announce the PowerZone Series ( of install power amplifiers. Consisting of three models—the PowerZone 252, PowerZone 505, and PowerZone 1004—these versatile power amplifiers can deliver both Lo-Z (4/8 ohm) or Hi-Z (70/100V) loads on any channel. The result is three reliable and energy-efficient amplifiers, each with a compact form factor that offer quick set-up and versatile configuration options for a wide range of installation projects.

Unique to all three PowerZone amp models is Blaze Audio’s pioneering Powershare technology. With Powershare technology, the amplifier’s total available power is automatically shared across all channels. This means a sound system can be easily configured with any power output, with both Lo-Z and Hi-Z loudspeakers—from just one clever amplifier. As an example, the PowerZone 252, with its two 125-Watt channels, can be independently configured to drive either Lo-Z or Hi-Z loads and the total 250 Watts can be shared proportionately across the 2 output channels.

PowerZone 252

The Blaze Audio PowerZone 252 offers two channels, each with 125 Watts, in a half width, 1RU format. The amplifier drives both low impedance (4Ω to 16Ω) and constant voltage (70V/100V) loudspeaker loads—making it an outstanding choice for 2-channel or distributed sound systems. With its small form factor and weight of just 2.2 lbs., the PowerZone 252 can be installed just about anywhere. The amplifier’s DIP switches make on-site configuration easy, and the amplifier includes GPIO (General Purpose Input/Output) connectors that make it a snap to interface with external controllers.

PowerZone 504

The Blaze Audio PowerZone 504 is a 4-channel power amplifier, with each channel set at 125 Watts in a half width, 1RU format. With the ability to drive both low impedance (4Ω to 16Ω) and constant voltage (70V/100V) loudspeaker loads, each output channel can be independently configured to drive either Lo-Z or Hi-Z loudspeakers. With the ability to have the amplifier’s total 500 Watts be shared proportionately across each pair of output channels (4 x 125W/channel or 2 x 250W/channel), the PowerZone 504 is one of the most compact 4-channel amplifiers in its power class. Like the PowerZone 252, this 4-channel model has both DIP switches for easy on-site configuration easy and GPIO (General Purpose Input/Output) connectors.

PowerZone 1004

Featuring four 250-watt channels in a full width, 1RU form factor, the Blaze Audio PowerZone 1004 drives both low impedance (4Ω to 16Ω) and constant voltage (70V/100V) loudspeaker loads. Each output channel can be independently configured to drive either Lo-Z or Hi-Z loads—making this amplifier much more flexible and versatile than many other competing amplifiers. With DIP switches for easy on-site configuration and GPIO connectors, the PowerZone 1004 offers class-leading energy efficiency and a long-term low cost of ownership.

Kevin Wilkin, Blaze Audio’s Executive Sales Director for the Americas, commented on the Blaze Audio PowerZone Series amplifiers, “Our PowerZone Series amplifiers take versatility and reliability to an entirely new level—making them a compelling choice for a wide range of commercial installation projects. All three models employ our parent company’s UMAC™ Class-D technology that features a full bandwidth PWM modulator with ultra-low distortion for best-in-class performance. The result is three power amps, each capable of delivering superior audio and versatile configuration options that can be counted on to deliver unwavering performance for years. I am confident that integrators will find these amps to be a great fit for many projects.”

The Blaze Audio PowerZone amplifiers are available now. For more information about the Blaze Audio PowerZone amplifiers or to find an authorized dealer, please call (888) 500-0109 or email [email protected].

About Blaze Audio

Headquartered in Greensboro, NC, Blaze Audio is a subsidiary of Pascal A/S of Copenhagen, Denmark—the leading supplier of amplifier electronics for the global AV market. Drawing upon the vast resources of its parent company, Blaze Audio is on a mission to create commercial simplicity through product flexibility at competitive pricing. The company ensures commercial simplicity by way of efficient operations and by innovative product designs that enable fewer products to cover more fixed install applications. To learn more about Blaze Audio, visit the company online at or call 1-888-500-0109.