How Is This Site Supported?

For the first year plus of this forum's existence, it was supported entirely by user donations. The community gave back with generosity and regularity enough to run the site with a safety cushion. We likely could have continued that way forever, but there was interest among the community in selling a limited amount of ad space, and plenty of interest from advertisers. While we still receive many generous donations, Sound Forums Dot Net now takes in more than enough ad revenue to run itself. We sell our ad space personally, one campaign at a time, and try to avoid having more than one ad visible at any one time. We feel that this creates the most beneficial environment for both users and advertisers, and we have enough excess that we can give back to the users who make this site worth selling ads on by sponsoring events and buying beers at trade shows.

The best thing you can do for Sound Forums Dot Net now is to click on our advertisements. Visit our sponsors, buy their products, let them know where you saw their ad. Especially if you see a new ad, please investigate their new product or campaign and consider their support for our little community when you look for similar products. We want to have the industry's best return on investment for the companies that keep us running by showing the fewest ads with the best response. Your help here will make it easy for us to continue to attract advertisers and keep this site running smoothly regardless of whether we have 100 users or 10000.

If you would still like to donate, please click here or use the button at the bottom of every page. If you wish to donate anonymously, please indicate your preference in the notes field. Your name will be added to the "Good Samaritan" rolls in the Required Reading sub-forum.