What is the Difference Between the Varsity and Junior Varsity Forums?

The difference between the Varsity and Junior Varsity forums can be a little fuzzy. As a poster, if you are a full time audio tech you are probably Varsity. If you have a non-audio day job you are probably JV. However, a generally JV user can have a thread that is Varsity level, and vice versa. Hopefully the pattern of what gets moved around by the moderators will make this clearer. If in doubt, start in the JV section.

There will still be plenty of variation, of course. This is because both "big name" mixers or company owners as well as guys who work for or own regionals belong in Varsity, even though the shows they work may be as different as the Superbowl and the County Fair. At the same time, someone posting in JV could easily be working the same County Fair, but posting next to someone trying to put together a PA for a band working clubs and backyard barbecues. All are very welcome here, but we try to draw the line somewhere around "Do you make all your money from audio?".

If really in doubt, try the basement, but that's mostly for banter and only vaguely audio related topics. If you're used to this community the choice will be easier, but if you're a newcomer you'll rub no feathers by assuming you should post in JV and getting upgraded to Varsity.