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    Handi-cam audio in...

    Friends... I am dealing with feeding audio into one of these: Canon Vixia HFM50 Input is (of course) a 1/8" stereo jack, mic level only After trying a couple of things and finally finding the "manual" setting, I noticed that even though the 'Automatic" (ALS) has been disengaged, there is...
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    [FS] Qu-16...

    A friend took in a virtually unused Qu-16 on trade from a church that couldn't figure it out... He's asking $1600.00. PM me with your Email and I'll hook you up. Original packaging.
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    Ubiquiti help

    A friend is stuck trying to set up wireless link with Ubiquiti gear. All he reports is that it will not "adopt". Any suggestions/experience?
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    Real-time spectrum analysis app for iPad

    I know the subject has come up before, but I can't find anything with a search. Looking for a free or low-cost app for iPad to give me something akin to the "SMAART Jr" feature on my StudioLive. Any leads???
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    [FS] FS: Toshiba "Satellite" laptop Open box

    I have an unused Toshiba A5393 20202M laptop I bought for my wife, but instead of "thank you", she said "I want an iPad". So... $250.00 buys you a nice, lightweight laptop with a 15" screen, Windows 8.1, 4 gigs RAM, 500 gig hard drive, Intel processors. I paid $299.99 for it on sale...
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    I think VoreamiMokker needs to see a doctor. The subject seems to have been coming up for more than four hours.
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    I attended a short concert given by a piano playing friend, sponsorship by a local (large) music store to celebrate their long relationship with Steinway. The CEO prefaced the event with some apt remarks, thanking the Steinway CEO and giving a nod to the local acoustician who had hung some...
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    DJ cats...

    Watch Cats DJing - YouTube Masters of "scratching".
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    [FS] FS: Rane G4 Quad gate/ducker/expander

    Bought new, never used. $500.00 obro Dick Rees [email protected] dot com
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    [FS] 24 channel A & H console

    Ultra clean Allen & Heath GL2000/24 in Grundorf road case. Perfect for church on a budget. $1000.00 or best reasonable offer. Located in St Paul, MN 55105 Will ship CONUS This baby needs a new home.
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    How do you mic a fish? Norway.....

    Fakta om fisk (NRK Dyrisk, 2009) - YouTube Go to 6:20. The video addresses the question "do fish have feelings?" At 6:20 they get into "fish communication".
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    Accordions @ Musikmesse 2013

    New: Artists of Accordion Does my heart good. DR
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    Vintage mic placement videos: piano

    I'll start this out: Note the use of the off-axis response to separate the treble and bass with a matched pair on a single stand early in the video.
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    Competition: fair/unfair

    I'm posting this in the Varsity section as it is a serious professional matter. I was asked by a local "community access" television outfit to do some sub-contracted audio work for their field shoots. This organization receives the bulk of it's funding from sources other than the clients for...
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    [FS] Fs: Dx38

    For sale: One (1) Electro-Voice DX38 $500 obro Shipping from 55105 Paypal or check. Paypal ships immediately, check will ship upon clearing. Please reply to: [email protected]