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    Cannot log in

    Hey Bob - due to various issues around Tapatalk stability, security, limited usage, and harm to users who choose not to use it, we've removed support from the forums. The recent Xenforo updates in beta make a much better mobile web experience.
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    [News] Ralph Mastrangelo Joins PK Sound as Global Business Development

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    [News] Adamson Completes Management Investment for Next Stage of Growth

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    Yamaha DM3S and DM3D Released

    What a step up from my old 0v196!
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    [News] Smaart v9.1 Update Released

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    [TECH] Possible Fraudster alert? - Brand new member - messaging to buy -

    Thanks for report - user is banned.
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    Recommendations for an analog console

    Luckily @Bennett Prescott wrote an excellent article on this subject:
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    Random Emails from the Forum?

    There's nothing we could do regarding the Tapatalk emails, short of removing Tapatalk entirely. If you're receiving these emails, I'd suggest turning off email notifications on the Tapatalk end. Regarding removing Tapatalk support -- I'm very open to this. It was great back in 2011 while...
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    [WTB] CAD expert

    @Ales Dravinec has made some of the best models I've seen.
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    [News] Heil Sound Keeps Rolling With Ham Radio Market

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    [News] Shibuya’s landmark CÉ LA VI TOKYO opens with Martin Audio

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    [News] George Prince III turns to Point Source Audio for his essential tool

    Continue reading... Emmy-winning camera operator relies on Point Source Audio CM-i5 intercom headset to communicate with directors and anyone on the comms lines
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    [News] TCP/IP Networking Primer

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    [News] TCU’s Horned Frogs Take a Major Leap in Sound with L-Acoustics

    Great call on using the K1, @Gino Pellicano!