Behringer WING console

mark anderson

May 4, 2011
All joking aside, the Wing is great but it's not the game changer that the X32 line was. Most of us already own enough of these products and have them driven by tablets that a new desk filler is kinda redundant. If one were mixing the same show on a regular basis it would be great.

Douglas R. Allen

Jan 11, 2011
Maine USA
The thing is as you know its getting closer and closer to channel counts needed in the 24-48 channel range will be done with a DAW, Input Interface, maybe a fader board and a bunch of Tablets/Laptops. The computer DSP processing power has reached a point where its hard to have a "Gee Wizz" product that is way above the competition. Had the Wing come out 30 plus years ago when I first touched a desk at the price it its at today it would have floored the live sound community. Today its just meh, another desk. As you stated if your out with the same band and set it up as you like it with the inputs/processing/effects per channel available its great. If you are already running stage boxes with the X/M32 lineup then it may be cost effective if a person needs what it has. It may be a little too much if a person is just starting out and having to purchase stage boxes etc. when the X/M32 line has on board preamps and current copper snakes are available. My biggest peeve is the 24/48 channel market is so missing in the X/M32 line. A X/M32 with 24 built in preamps with it having the ability to go up to 48 channel mixable input desk with added stage boxes would be a home run to me. The 16 channel desk are not quite enough for the smaller shows and the 32 XLR input ones are just to big for smaller shows and not quite big enough for large ones. A X/M32 48 which would have 24 XLR's onboard but with the ability to mix down TRUE 48 inputs with added stage boxes would interest me more than the Wing with just 8 local. The frame size of a 24 XLR input desk would be great for smaller shows mixing side of stage or keeping copper snakes working for some time. This same desk with the ability to mix 48 channels would be great for larger shows with added stage boxes when needed. Its a big hole in the X/M32 line. A desk like this would be the true game changer promised. Maybe this package in the Wing line?
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Brent Avera

New member
Jun 2, 2020
Cape Coral, Florida
We are using the Wing for our live stream mix as well as recording to Logic. Looking for a way to easily switch between routing and input config for recording and playback without having to save two separate full Snaps. I have already tried various Library options to save only Routing or Routing, Input, Config, etc. I would prefer to not have to maintain two separate Snaps with all of the EQ, Compression, Gate, etc settings. I'm trying to just be able to save and switch between the inputs for live stream and the USB Audio inputs for playback. It seems like it should be possible with the level of detail that can be selected for saving in a Snap, but I have not been able to find a combination that works. Is this a bug or just a feature that has not been implemented or am I missing something? Any suggestions?