PM 60 & 90 settings and alternative drivers.

If I recall correctly, the MB12N405 would work nicely.
Main disadvantage would be it immense weight for a neo 12" driver (which defeats the original's purpose of the design).

Plans should be available in the main two topics about the PM60/90.
The MB12N405 will work but the response will need more EQ than the 351 to get it flat. If you can't find the plans send me a PM and I will send them to you - Regards Peter
Does anyone have eq settings for the DCX464 on the XT1464 horn? thanks!!
Yes I have some DCX 464's ... I have tried them in a slightly different box and horn. Impressions so far - better than the BMS4594 and as good as the 4594HE but different.. The 464 seems to have very clear mids and possibly more output capability, but I like the VHF better on the 4594HE. FWIW I think the wave front exit angles and SPL across the throat of the 464 are better than the 4594 so you get slight better coverage from your horn ... just a guess at the moment.

Not sure, still work in progress... but getting the 464 to sound the best you need to address the mid range driver peak at about 5.3 KHz, even though its out of band and cross it over around the 3 - 3.2Khz as recommended by B&C.

...and yes it will work well the 12NDL76 .... just need to check it will fit in the box with the 60 degree horn ...planning to check this all out soon when I have some spare time.
IIR settings for the PM90 with B&C 12NDL768 Ohms, B&C DCX464 16Ohms using the B&C FB464-16 Crossover & RCF HF950.

160 Hz Q10.0 6dB Low Shelf
400 Hz Q3.0 -6.00dB Bell
1450 Hz Q5.0 -2.00dB Bell
2500 Hz Q4.0 -4.00dB Bell
4700 Hz Q5.0 -3.00dB Bell
8000 Hz Q3.0 -3.00dB Bell
30 Hz Q1 Allpass (important!)

120Hz Butterworth 24dB
600Hz Butterworth 24dB

800Hz Butterworth 24dB

Edit: Sorry, for got the mention the crossover.
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