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    Inventory system.

    Im looking into an inventory system for rental/production. Would like everything to scan in and out of wearhouse and be assigned to a job. I will take any suggestions you have. For those of you that have a system in place, is it worth it? We have 4 to 8+ events any given weekend. Thanks.
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    Anyword On Digico S21/ S31 app?

    I have 2 installs with the S21 and im spec'ing an S31 for another job. Is there anyword as to when the Ipad app will release? Thought i would ask here before i go through the rep.
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    Am I just whining or is this stupid (Rigging)

    So I recently left the Air Force and moved to Florida and took a job with a small install company, I have been working with them for about 2.5 months. The last 2 days I have been working with the owner and his son (first time working with either of them), and both days I have been very...
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    [FS] 2 Fulcrum DX-896

    2 Fulcrum DX-896 $1350ea or $2500 for both, these are the install version of the FA28's. Both in great shape, they were purchased in August 2013 and have been hanging in a church since then. The church opened their new facility and we installed a new Fulcrum system for them and these were left...
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    Sub Choice and Location

    Re: Sub Choice and Location I thought I would give an update, after normal church budget stuff, they finally ordered equipment. Went from being a center hung mono system based around the SH96HO to an L C R system to a LR system to a Mono system based around a center hung SM100F, oh well thats...
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    Smaart DI vs Systune Standard

    Yes I did search the forums first but the last thread on this was in 2012, so I thought I would bring it back up now that Rational has released DI and AFMG's prices have come down, and I'm going to be buying one very soon. Sys-tune is approx. $452 Smaart is just short of $600 What's the...
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    [FS] 4 Renkus Heinz St4-44 & Subs

    I have 4 Renkus Heinz St4-44, and 2 of the non-powered 2/18subs (model numbers to come) 2 of the ST 4-44 have issues (I know the amps bad in 1) The other 2 are in good working condition, and both of the subs are in good shape too. (all original working drivers) These things get loud and are a...
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    [FS] A bunch of aviom stuff.

    2 A-16 Personal Mixers $200ea 1 AN-16/i-M Mic Input Module $700 3 AN-16/i Input Module $300ea 4 AN-16/o Output Modules $300ea I also have 2 bridge modules make an ofer All items OBO All items spent their life in a rack Email, call or text Ben 618-477-4576
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    Sub Choice and Location

    I'm installing a new system in a gymatorium 106ft wide by 75ft deep, (seating area is only about 60ft deep) an A-frame roof 32ft high in the center and 24ft on the side it will be 2 SM80s per side with delays near the back at 21ft high, that is highest i will be able to hang on the sides due to...
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    Thoughtful gift for your wife

    After 7 years of marriage wife asked for a thoughtful gift this year, Will this be ok?
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    A rant about the weekend and a bunch of fried gear.

    Sorry for the small book. On Saturday i did a small outdoor blue-grass event for a regional company i work for all the time. I pick up the gear from them i need and head to the cemetery the event is in. Its raining when i get there so I wait it out and start unloading and setting up about 1245...
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    No noise above 55db after 10pm?

    How would you meet these noise requirements if they came to a town near you?
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    Routing Delays on LCR system

    Routing Delays on LCR system I had a church contact me about putting a LCR (LR band, Center vocals) system in, they have since decided to go MONO. However while in the design phase i was faced with the question of how i would route the delays needed for 105ft deep room with 18ft ceilings in LCR...
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    Wifi Question, (not audio related)

    So we just bought a house and we had to switch from a using fiber to a cable company, and the router the cable company provided has almost no range at all. I tried changing the channel and that helped a little, but what what i'm trying to do is use my cable modem/router (cisco cp3825) as just...
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    The EV Smell

    I sold a set of my ZLX 12p's (they have been out of the box 2 times) and I got a phone call today that the guy was very happy with the cabs but the smell he couldn't deal with and wanted to return them. I have worked with ev equipment for years and the weed/skunk smell is just something I have...