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    Pages past 20?

    I'm trying to find an old post and it seems there are only 20 pages of posts in any forum!?
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    A high-tech anachronism

    After first being exposed to them on a recent trip to D.C., I've fallen in love with Fisher pens. Fisher makes the "space pen" - the ballpoint pen NASA uses in the space program. Their claim to fame is the pen will write on anything - even underwater, from -30° to 250°. I'm happy to report...
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    New Mackie control surface for DL32 Apparently you can have/need/want 3 iPads to use this thing.
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    New Studiolive mixer at NAMM2016 Scribble strips, remote stage boxes, AVB networking, and presumably motorized faders.
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    First adventure repairing a moving light fixture

    I have a couple movers that I use mostly for painting on stage backdrops (don't/can't use haze), and as such, I suspect I am more sensitive to certain issues than the average person who primarily uses them for beam effects. Anyway, since the fixture was new, one of my fixtures has had trouble...
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    One of my Mackie HR824 (mk1) studio monitors has started distorting in the HF driver. It's intermittent and sounds like a rattle. Initially I thought maybe the titanium dome had a crack in it, but after disassembling it, the diaphragm and coil look to be in perfect condition. To my surprise...
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    SRX800P info from a JBL product manager

    I put in a call to JBL about some questions regarding the SRX800P series. It was a very interesting call. Here are some high points: - JBL considers the SRX800P series to be the "best product available at the high end of the consumer level" In other words, of the stuff you can buy without a...
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    Pro audio forums are nothing compared to...

    Every time I start to get frustrated about silly threads on a pro audio forum, I need only go visit any photography forum for perspective. I'm not sure if it's the fact that live production actually takes work that keeps most of the neurotics at bay, but whatever it is, I'm grateful. Also, not...
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    New Yamaha TF series digital mixers Street prices are apparently $2500 - $3500. Digital snake coming, but not until next year.
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    QSC wide line array

    It sounds like you're committed. Not sure what you expect us to do now about longevity - the system has been installed and presumably paid for. Putting the amps on the ceiling means that if there is a failure, it will take a lift to fix it. How long QSC will support that model will determine...
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    QSC wide line array

    That's a big enough room and a big enough amount of money where I would want the manufacturers to prove that their system is the right choice by a demo. QSC Wideline isn't universally liked. I would suggest listening to other products as well, both line source and point source. You may want...
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    JBL SRX800P questions - control and networking related

    I'm continuing to investigate these guys after the positive experience I had listening to them earlier this week. For all of you JBL-connected folks, I have a couple questions that I can't seem to find answers to: - The marketing material mentions the "JBL SRX Connect" mobile app. This isn't...
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    Wireless ethernet bridge?

    I'm looking at getting some JBL SRX812Ps which have networkable DSP and programming. It would be really convenient if there was a way to make that wireless. Does anyone know of a small form factor wireless to wired Ethernet bridge that would be appropriate to hang on the back of a speaker like...
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    TLS error

    This week I have sometimes been getting a TLS error message (attached). Refreshing the page resolves the problem. I'm using IE11 in Windows 8.1. Is it possible that one of the servers hosting the site has a configuration error, and round-robbining to a new server works around the problem?
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    Gig adventure - emergency GLD surgery

    I just got back from a multi-day event. During rehearsal on day 3, the GLD-80 surface went dead. We replaced the IEC cable and it worked for a while, but a couple hours later went dead again. A fist bang brought it back to life once more. After surviving the next session, we opened up the...